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5 Ways to Brighten a Caregivers Day

flowers for caregiver Being a caregiver is hard work -- but it is certainly a labor of love. You may often find that when you offer assistance to a caregiver, the person may not accept the help or think they are doing anything extraordinary but of course they are. If they were to witness someone providing the type of care that they are, they would see things is a much different light. Today we are going to share with you just 5 Ways to Brighten a Caregiver's Day. If you are a caregiver, or have had the privilege of helping a caregiver what are some of things things you found to be a blessing?


5 Ways to Brighten a Caregiver's Day

Bring them Flowers Most people love a big cheery bouquet of flowers. If you are worried about allergies, speak to your florist about which varieties will be the least likely to cause a case of the sniffles. A single sun flower can illuminate a room, or head down to the local farmers market to find gorgeous bouquets that are most affordable - this time of year any way.

Take them a Basket of Fruit Caregivers are often to busy to think about their own health and well being. Some will reach for the quickest meal, which may not be the most healthy choice. You can stop into you neighborhood grocery store or the farmer's market to hand select some nutritious seasonal fruit. There is something about biting into a ripe peach or crisp apple that can actually nourish the body and recharge the soul at the same time.

Grab them Lunch When you think about it, call the caregivers you know and ask them if you can bring them, and the person they are caring for, lunch. Tell them you can drop it off, or if they are up for a visit, you'd love to stay and chat.

Let them Run Errands Tell them that you would love to stay with their loved one while they run errands, grab a cup of coffee, get a pedicure, or anything else that they would like to do. Don't worry if they don't accept the first, second, or even third time you offer -- Keep Asking!

Create a Basket of Fun If you are so inclined, you can gather up some fun things to put in a basket that the caregiver can do during doctors appointments, hospitals stays, or at home when all is quiet. Sudoku, crosswords, word finds, card games, magazines, books, and put in anything else you thing would interest them. You can also stick in some healthy snacks that they can grab and go. You thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can brighten a caregivers day. What are some of your favorites?

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5 Ways to Brighten a Caregivers Day

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