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Burial Packages

Burial Packages

Note: (Vault and Cemetery prices not included)



Budget Burial Package

Standard Burial Package

Premium Burial Package

Elite Burial Package

Choice Package







  Choose Your
Burial Package












  Service of the
Funeral Director
and Admin Staff

  Local Removal of
Loved One


  Standard Dressing
and Cosmetics

  Staff for 1 Hr Visitation
and 1 Hour Service 
at Walker Funeral Home
 or Your Church Church

Service at West End Chapel; Mon-Friday





  Staff for 1Hr.
Visitation prior to
Service at a Church
Before 3





  Staff for Viewing
2 Hr. prior or Evening
prior to Service
at Chapel or Church




  Limo for Visitation
thru 1hr of Repast





  Use of Hearse

  Use of 1 Limo no repast






  2 Limos for 1 Day Visitation /
Service up to 2 hours repast





  2 Limos 2 Days







  Minimum Metal non Gasketed
Casket Alex

 Metal Casket Included






  A 20ga non Gasketed
Standard Size Casket Clair





  A 20ga Gasketed Standard
Size Casket Franklin





  A 18ga Gasketed
Casket w/ Crepe Interior





  A 18ga Gasketed Casket
w/ Velvet Interior







  1 Death Certificate






  2 Death Certificates



  Family Spray of Carnations





  Family Spray of Roses





  Ensemble of any Flower Mix





  Motorcycle Escort



  100 Standard Programs






  200 Standard Programs





  200 Elite Programs
w/ 6 pges including
2 pages of Photos




  Photo throw or 3 Doves





  Abbreviate Newspaper
Notice 1 Day






  Complete Newspaper
Notice 1 Day



  Photo in the Paper



  Complimentary Video Tribute



  Standard Register Book




  Personalized Register Book